Coatwolf is a production company located in Ventura, CA. We have been run by the same core group of friends since 2005. In Hollywood, money and deadlines reign supreme - we operate outside that system. We have made it a mission to always put the movies and stories we tell first at all cost. This is possible because we are mostly run by volunteers and crew who do it out of love and believe that films, when executed at their very best, have the power to help people and make the world a better place.

Our company received a big boost when Sundance film festival programmed our first feature film Bellflower in 2011 and Beastie boy Adam "MCA" Yauch's company Oscilloscope bought the movie for theatrical distribution. 

Shortly after we ran our first successful crowdfunding campaign for Chuck Hank and the San Diego Twins (in post production for release summer 2020)

In 2017 we signed a co-production deal with the Russo Brothers' (Captain America, Avengers) new company AGBO to create Evan Glodell's follow up film Canary (expected release 2021).

In 2018 we opened the doors to our current home, the Coatwolf Film and Design Studio, in Ventura, CA. 

Coatwolf Film Studio Walthrough