Official Mother Medusa Chainsaw Necklaces


We have had a lot of requests for these so we finally went out and made some.

We checked into having them mass produced, but they would have looked cheap so we decided to make them exactly the way the one in the movie was.

Molded out of pewter at a casting place in LA, hand painted by Coatwolf crew members and individually engraved at a local place here in Ventura on both sides of the blade.

The dog tag style ball chain is 30" long so you can customize (cut) it for your exact body dimensions and enjoyment.

The orders go straight to Coatwolf Headquarters (Chelsea's house in Ventura) where they are packaged and sent.

We even did the final coat of paint on the hood of the Medusa car for good luck.

Included with every chainsaw necklace is an official card from Coatwolf Productions stating your membership in Mother Medusa. Each membership card is individually numbered (starting at #00001) and printed at Coatwolf headquarters.


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